“Preserving the UAE’s heritage and culture by directing efforts to enrich the local scene with activities and work that connects generations to it, as this is a necessary requirement.”

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

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To Revive The Folklore

On Zayed’s Approach

We are proud of the history and culture of our country, hence we strive to preserve the rich heritage, culture and values of the United Arab Emirates, to be known by current and emerging generations in order to create a lasting legacy for future generations with pride and glory, through various innovative methods of educational, cultural, recreational and sustainable nature.

About Us

We are proudly a private organization, pioneering in the field of organizing heritage and cultural events as well as exhibitions. We represent the second generation of Creative UAE Youth Group and continue to carry forward all activities with passion, the spirit to share our history with the world. It was named metaphorically, after Umm Al-Salsal Heritage Island located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is famous for pearl diving which has its roots for more than twenty years and was founded by the blessings from our father, Al Breiki. Today, we have received the banner to continue the march to work with our dynamic team, with our customers from all government entities, private sector companies, specially focusing on hospitality and travel industries, to achieve support from all to contribute to our national efforts (social responsibility towards our Nation) thus achieving the goals and vision of the United Arab Emirates.

Our Services

  • Organizing cultural and heritage exhibitions throughout the year (all national and seasonal occasions) for government agencies, private entities, universities and schools mainly.

  • Establishing, supervising and equipping heritage museums and villages with specialized Emirati cadres having experience in the field of unique and artistic cultural performances.

  • Providing cultural literary and artistic workshops that reflect the local culture mainly highlighting the cultural literary, artistic and engineering heritage.

  • Providing and conducting cultural and heritage studies, researches and issuing introductory books and volumes.

Our Missions

  • To instill a spirit of creativity in the younger generations as well as highlight and develop promising Emirati talent.

  • Offering the special age metacarpus program for students by senior citizens to teach children how to greet, sit and gathering manners, thus ensuring we successfully transfer our values to the next generation.

  • To use graphic design, cinematography and visual arts to bring those old images vividly to the public and make the best use of technology to keep our culture alive and more interesting to our recipients.

Our Team

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Culture and Heritage Team

Folklore Team

Heritage Research and Studies Team

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